Clavo Rico

The Challenge:

The Clavo Rico site was a pieced together site that managed bage content with wordpress. The site also linked out to blogger for their blog of investor updates and meeting notes. The client was a capital investment firm that wanted to solicit new investors. The client had believed that the current site was turning away investors because it looked old and was so disjointed. Clavo Rico is translated into “Rich Nail” and the site didn’t look rich at all.

My Solution:

The redesigned site was developed to show more of the actual operation of the mine. It also included a level of grittiness that would give the design texture and design interest. To add some depth to the site i added a parallax effect with Stellar.js for the Hero area on the home page and the page headers on the interior pages. The new site also include more clear calls to action that were geared to an investor audience.