The Frosting Queens

The Challenge:

The Frosting Queens is an all natural frosting that was developed by a pair of sacramento area sisters. They use all natural ingredients in their frosting and they needed an updated site. Their previous site was a Frankensteined wix site, with and external blog and a store that was run by their distribution company. They wanted to create a cohesive and fun web presence that could be managed in one place.

My Solution:

I built their site as a woocommerce wordpress installation. It gave them the functionality and features they were looking for in their site. The sisters really wanted something to make the site “POP.” They said that they wanted it to feel more like a party. My solution for that was a javascript and canvas confetti generator.  I also included a time out for the confetti so it wouldn’t run constantly, it made reading the text difficult. This Project is one of the most challenging sites i’ve worked on to date.